One of our greatest hopes for our Wikimentary project and for the wiki world in general is that video and video editing software become more widely incorporated in open source creations.

This section of our site is dedicated to exploring some of the ways this has already been done, and some of the most effective ways it could be used in the future. We are dying to hear your thoughts, so please add your own experiences here or tell us on the discussion tab of this page.

Echo Chamber Project is an extraordinarily thorough approach to the collaborative documentary.

  • July, 2007 Note from Wikipedian

Adobe has recently added a free editing system to Youtube. See PC World article here. We were thinking of using this for the Wikimentary. What are your thoughts? How thorough do you think this program is? Any suggestions for a different (better) approach?

Click here to try the program.

Another free, on-line editing suite (astonishingly good?) is Eyespot. You may take the tour at Eyespot Tour.

VideoTagger - This software let's you make movie credits and beginning and end titles. Organized in a way that allows you to do this quickly and elegantly, rather than struggling with you editors tools.

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